Primal Chili


Primal chili. What does that mean? Really, it’s just good chili, but its ingredients just so happen to fit into eating in the Primal fashion, as I have been doing fairly strictly since last July. I strongly encourage you to click on that link to check out Mark’s Daily Apple. The Primal lifestyle of how to eat and move makes total sense.

The chili is simple to make, as are most Free Kitchen dishes! I sauteed grass-fed, free-range ground beef with some onion and garlic. Next, I added salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper (though any hot pepper is fine), oregano, cumin, coriander, some bell peppers, and tomato sauce. And I let it all simmer. No beans in this chili, as they are not strictly Primal.

I served it as shown above, over some mixed green and topped with fresh tomatoes and onion. The smoky, warm heat of the chili combined with the fresh vegetables is quite delicious.

Or, you can eat it plain, as seen below!