Baked Fish

  This is the way my mother makes baked fish. At some point, my father, who grew up in the Mediterranean cities of  Yafa and Gaza, Palestine, told my mother that they used… Continue reading


During this past year, I gave up caffeine, including chocolate. (I may be able to have a little chocolate once in a while, but I haven’t had any in about 5 months). So… Continue reading


Introducing the return of dairy to Free Kitchen! I have been experimenting with dairy for the past few years, and discovered that I can eat goat and sheep dairy, as well as butter… Continue reading


Last week I got a new cast iron skillet as a gift from Gina and Erik, my newly married friends, as a thank-you for designing their wedding invitations. (I am an editor and… Continue reading

Roasted Eggplant Salad

  Roasted eggplant salad is pretty much just that. Cube some eggplants (I love eggplant skin, so I leave it on), onions, and red pepper (and maybe some zucchini or mushrooms) and place… Continue reading

Primal Chili

Primal chili. What does that mean? Really, it’s just good chili, but its ingredients just so happen to fit into eating in the Primal fashion, as I have been doing fairly strictly since… Continue reading

Chestnut Flour Crepes

I don’t remember ever having had crepes in my gluten-eating days, but I can imagine quite well what they taste like, having had American pancakes and Arab qatayef. But these are not the… Continue reading

Walnuts in Caramel

Here’s an easy, quick treat for the holidays, walnuts in caramel. First, I put about two cups of walnuts into a frying pan, though you can use any kind of nut. Then I… Continue reading

Fennel and Sausage Hash

Hash is a term that can bring up images of lumps of thrown together ingredients (such as strange, unhealthy oils and processed “meat products”), resulting in greasy, unsophisticated flavors. But it doesn’t have to… Continue reading

Roasted Figs and Grape Sauce

It’s late summer, when the intense heat has softened and darkness starts lingering on either side of daylight. It’s when summer reflects on itself before it disappears into the sunsets of autumn, remembering… Continue reading