Salted Fruit Salad

It looks like an ordinary fruit salad, but it’s not.

Gather up some of your favorite fruits, and wash and chop them. Dress them with some lemon or lime juice and, if your fruits aren’t as sweet as you would like them to be, a tiny bit of powdered sugar (because it dissolves quickly and completely, unlike granulated sugar). Or skip the sugar entirely.

And then, salt! Yes, salt your fruit salad with a good quality sea salt or Himalayan salt, which is what I used. (What you see here are the coarse granules; of course, the salt used in the salad was ground much finer in the salt grinder.) Don’t be shy with the salt, but be reasonable. After all, this is a salted fruit salad, not a salty fruit salad! It’s best to add a bit of salt, taste, and then add more until you reach a balance of sweetness, tartness, and saltiness that you like.