Maple Sweet Potato and Pecan Pie

Those who play in the kitchen usually fall into one of two categories: cooks and bakers. I am definitely a cook. I just don’t have the patience for baking. Which is why you won’t find too many baked items on this blog.
I found baking just barely tolerable during my gluten days. But now that I am gluten free and baking would involve half a dozen flours and what not…well, I’m just not ready for that. So for now, I’ll rely on either pre-mixed flour blends or ready products, such as the Whole Foods gluten-free pie crust used here.
Because the crust was ready to go, I was able to have fun with the filling, made of sweet potato, cinnamon, nutmeg, cream, and maple syrup, topped with pecans. I’m definitely making this one again.